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The Strydom Constant and Theory
a New approach in Physics, based on works and papers of Andries E Strydom, since 1976

NOTICE: Information on this site is not recommended for students or commercial application. This website promotes differences and radical changes to some existing and conventional theories. Some parts have not been tested and prooven. Information herein and links hereto, are subject to your own discretion and liability. A comment and interaction request opportunity with Andries E Strydom, is made available deeper in these pages.

INTRODUCTION Electro Substance The Atom Strydom Constant Gravity

Welcome to this here humble pages.
During the past 300 years, many scientists worked on theories that brought a variety of studies on Atoms, Gravity and the Universe, yet today, we still continue to find more answers.

With honor to the works of scientists like Fatio, Newton, Planck, Le Sage, Kelvin, Euler, Maxwell, Poincare, Veselov, Kagainikova, Radzievski, van Flandern, Higgs, Einstein, Slabinski, Wright, Brush, Apeiron, Kierein, Edwards, Nieper, Koppitz, Smith, Michelson, Pease, Pierson, Saxi, Seiki, Tesla, Keely, Stowe, Mingst, Adamut, Jaakkola, Majorana, Martins, Unnikrishnan, Kromley, Moray, Gillies, von Borzeszkowski, Treder, Kokus, Buonomano, Hathaway and many others.

Just to mention a few, they have been working on a plurality of theories all over the world, giving solutions and explaining the phenomenon of Gravity, Space, Time and Physics, though sometimes different from each other, in many instances also supporting.

Andries E Strydom
Andries E Strydom in 1976, started promoting a quantum physics theory, by which the "STRYDOM CONSTANT" were introduced. a Descendant from Europe origin, Strydom was Born in the Southern part of Africa. After graduating from high school, had then followed numereous self studies in mechanics, electronics and physics, obtained LPR status in the USA. Until recently has done physics research as well as philosophic research without financial support from any institution.

Strydom reckons that everything is relative to a quantum acceleration, including real time, speed of light, mass and distance. It all started from a simple argument, "if there were electrons, electric current would flow as multiple portions of one electron each". We all use the present theories, even though with electrons, because it has been well developed over time. Starting a theory from scratch again will take a long time to be developed so that it can become practical to also do chemical calculations with.

"For myself, it took several years to accept, simply because I was taught differently, and it always went with a constant reminder, where have we gone wrong ?..."

"Definately it is not expected from anyone to immediately understand everything, also do not try to be converted too fast, as it may be dramatically confusing. I reckon that for many Scientists all over the world, this will be of help over time, including the medical sector. I never claim that I am exactly correct and that goes for the Strydom Constant as well. In future there may be alterations made to this. But what I am sure of, this is yet the closest I could get on my own."

"There must be a fundamental form of Energy..."

"This Energy is called "ELECTRO SUBSTANCE", the Purest form of Energy, a Field that can be the basic building block of Atoms and everything else..."

Could Strydom be correct? Read more about these exciting parts of the theory, on this website. If you are a scientist or from a faculty at an university, you are welcome to contact Strydom below:
You may comment, ask a question or Contact Strydom for correspondence by clicking here

INTRODUCTION Electro Substance The Atom Strydom Constant Gravity

updated: 2012-07-19